Ride London 2015 rankings, results and finishing times: did you beat Olympic champ Jonathan Edwards?

Ride London
Credit: Ride London

The dust has settled on another successful Ride London event and thank the heavens they didn’t open like last year’s hurricane washout.

As usual the organisers aren’t that keen on releasing rider times in ‘ranked’ order (it’s not a race, after all) – instead you get an index organised alphabetically.

Well, we know what you’re thinking now… Where are those ranked results?

You’ve all been badgering us for our traditional number crunching and being the competitive cycling aficionados that we are, you’re not alone in your itching desire to find out whether you beat former Olympic champion Jonathan Edwards, or rugby World Cup winner Matt Dawson, over the 100-mile course.

Ok, small talk aside. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. This year’s rankings come courtesy of fellow data cruncher Mario, who has kindly cooked up the raw data – using some excel-lent wizardry – into Google docs and thus enters Speak Media folklore. You beast, Mario!


We just can’t bear not to know whether we made it into the top percentages. How did you do?

*Please note that Mario’s data summaries are based on the organiser’s provisional rider times, as published on the official results website – we’re unable to verify timings or results, and can’t be held responsible for any inaccuracies or anomalies.

15 thoughts

  1. Hello! This feature has been brilliant in past years; found it really useful and appreciate you taking the time to do the data crunching – any chance of you doing it again this year on the 2016 results? Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi. Will you be uploading the prudential ride 100 2016 results in ranking order? Yours is so much better than the official results!!!!

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