Monday Funday: bonkers bunkers, meerkat movies and Jaffa jelly

We believe Mondays should not be mundane. The start of the week should not be bleak. The first day should not be the worst day. That’s why we created a weekly roundup of quality content with a sense of humour, to make Mondays into Fundays.

It’s all gone bananas!

Groupon, the brand that made coupon collecting cool (as opposed to an OAP activity), just scored a whole lot more brand humour brownie points. It seems they’ve taken a leaf out of Play-doh’s book, the toy company that brought toddlers the ‘extruder tool’. Groupon present to you, the family-friendly ‘Banana Bunker’.


The copywriters also had some fun with this slightly slippery description:

“Ripe bananas can rest easy as they nestle within these protective Banana Bunkers. A hard plastic design protects the soft fruit from getting bruised or crushed in backpacks or purses, and a collapsible midsection expands and contracts to accommodate larger or smaller specimens . The BPA-free case is also dishwasher safe to prevent new bananas from tasting like old bananas.”

But the best response was from the social media team peeling back the humour to maintain an air of innocence when responding to cheeky customers:

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 18.15.14Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 18.16.55

Meerkat Movies

Meerkats are creatures known for being on the lookout (for bargains). Following the beloved Orange Wednesday’s demise, everyone’s favourite meerkats are the first to jump on this opportunity, getting their paws on a replacement 2-4-1 cinema ticket offer. The campaign wouldn’t be complete without a cameo from good ol’ Arnie, the once-upon-a-time governor of California for two terms – in case you had forgotten. This – no doubt – is the pinnacle of his career, political or otherwise.

From the ha-ha-harchives

Remember that anti-climatic eclipse a few weeks ago? No? Too cloudy? Whatever the weather, this classic Jaffa Cakes ad brought back some self-centred memories.

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