Content brand of the week: Adidas, the sportswear superbrand that’s alive and kicking with creative ways to communicate


Zoë and Jamie… they’re coming back? FINALLY!

No, silly, Live & Kicking is long gone. Adidas, however, is very much hot right now. And you should buy a TV guide.

No one buys TV guides anymore

You’ve got us there. And, strangely enough, you’ve made a rather valid point. Anyone who wants to effectively deliver or receive essential information in this crazy digital age of ours (such as TV timings…) is finding bigger and better ways of doing it. That’s exactly how Adidas are earning their stripes.

They’re moving into TV?

No, we were merely creating a connection. Though they do work with YouTube talent to create content specifically for their YouTube channel – which is all very beautifully shot and packed full of energized and engaging sports-based content. Anyway, you ignored our fantastic pun.

Oh, sorry, bravo. Aren’t you funny?

What we were trying to say is that recently, the multinational corporation that has created coveted footwear classics and sponsored supreme sports heroes and tournaments for over 60 years, has installed NFC (near field communications, for all those not in the know) technology in their trainers and tops. Why? Because it will prolong communication with their consumers after they’ve made a purchase. Pretty slick, eh!

Sounds a bit 1984 to me

The beauty of this media-savvy move, future-hater, is that the wearer can choose whether or not they want to interact with the technology.

Just you wait, they’ll have robots that follow you round their stores soon

They could be quite helpful carrying all my boxes of fresh crepes I like to stock up on at the weekends. Anyway, back to the matter at hand, the need-to-knows of the new wearable technology are as follows: consumers with NFC capability on their smartphone can tap their device against the digitised products which will then proceed to send personalised messages to the wearer’s mobile device. The content the wearer receives will be dependent on their location, such as shop suggestions, or it will be extra amazing exclusive content, depending on what they’ve done in their trendy limited edition Stan Smiths or Supertars (the two designs that will be putting the new technology through its paces first. Paces – geddit?!).


Sweet kicks. Just like the box-fresh Superstars I wore in the 90s.

Customers can also tap their phones on the products with the new technology in store to receive information on the history behind the design they’ve got their eye on. A not too shabby move, either, we think you’ll agree, now that many fashion brands are turning their focus onto storytelling to entice their customer’s interests, rather than purely commerce-driven content. It could be that extra little bit of brand messaging that persuades the customer to make a purchase. That’s pretty clever if you ask us.

No one likes a clever clogs

True, but it’s difficult to deny the super smart chess champion moves Adidas are executing with this new campaign. The logic being that they will also be able to generate more information on where and how people are using their products so they can more accurately predict trends for their marketing and production teams. Speaking on a SXSW panel, Jon Warner, the innovation specialist at Adidas, said it ‘stemmed from a realisation that the most relevant content after a purchase is made by customers not brands’.

I’m listening…

An extra exciting message they’ll also be able to send to the customer, Jon explains, is that they can say to customers: “you’re at the point where it’s time to get a new pair of shoes. It’s through that ability to understand what they’re doing, the type of runner they are and how often they tap their products that we can start to learn more about how they are being used.”

Yeah, but they don’t know my ultra-individual, retro-inspired, extremely authentic, no-one-else-wears-it, forward- thinking footwear style, darling.

Oh, please. They’ve got this covered, too. Our man Jon explains that they “won’t recommend customers sweaters if they’re in the south and its warm”. The content is tailored to the customer and the customer can choose when they want the content; it’s not going to interrupt their lives, it will only enhance it.

So, smarty pants, what are the figures?

It’s claimed the megabrand hope this new move will trigger over a billion consumer touch points. A true content checkmate! The new NFC content messaging isn’t the only domain where Adidas are racking up impressive digits, either. They’ve got a whopping 1.91M Twitter followers and over 19M likes on Facebook – both providing that pumped-up, slick sportswear content all us athletes like, including video posts and motivational quotes from figureheads in the sports world being pushed out on a daily basis.

Messi means business… and so do Adidas

You’re right, they do. Especially on their group blog

where readers are given a reassuring insight, as the tagline reads, into Adidas’ “business in sports”, including information on business operations, sustainability and news from their top secret headquarters.

Well, I’m sold! Who’d have thought they’d come on such a long way after Run DMC?

Superbrands have got to keep up with the times, Grandad.

Why’s it gotta be like that?

Just cos that’s the way it is.

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