Monday Funday: the dopest dessert, plane old fun and a brilliant balls-up

We believe Mondays should not be mundane. The start of the week should not be bleak. The first day should not be the worst day. That’s why we created a weekly roundup of quality content with a sense of humour, to make Mondays into Fundays.

It’s all gone to pot

The Internet was ablaze last week with talk of a new weed-infused flavour from ice cream champions Ben & Jerry’s. Now, before we go and get all hot-headed, founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield have merely expressed an interest in the idea. Don’t expect to see any unsubtle dealers cruising around in ice cream vans any time soon, blasting out Afro Man while trying to flog some funky frozen dessert cones. Though, if you ask us, maybe it’s high time consumers should be able to get some Reefer Ripple and Blunt Alaska alongside their Phish Foods and Cookie Doughs.


Unless you were being unwillingly dragged off into the clouds on a woodland creature over the past few weeks, like the now infamous weasel on a woodpecker, then it’s unlikely you failed ignore the hoards of reworked images flooding your social streams of one of the cutest and most crazy combinations of feathers and fur to ever grace our skies. Our props go to British Airways who jumped on the bandwagon oh-so wondrously to peck fun at one of nature’s most beautiful occurrences whilst adding a little humorous dash of self-promotion. Oh, and to Katie Waissel. Just cos she probably needs it.

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 15.44.09

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 15.30.02

Are you sitting Comfyballs?

Anders Sevrig, founder of the Norwegian boxer business ‘Comfyballs’, was forced to set up a poll asking the public if they were offended by the word ‘balls’ after the United States Patent and Trademark Office denied his company trademark rights because they thought the American public would “find the name to be vulgar”, to which Selvig replied that they’re decision doesn’t truly reflect American culture. Ouch! Let’s hope his undies hurt less than his cutting remark.




From the ha-ha-harchives

Woman eats ice cream then the following events unfold: an invisible man drinks coffee, a cat drives a car and a UFO lands and abducts what looks like a Skoda family saloon… and we’re sure it’s Magnum she’s eating, not the new flavour of Ben & Jerry’s?

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