Inspiring adventurers everywhere: a mini-Mears in the palm of your hand

Waiting till 17 December to travel to a galaxy far far away is, in our eyes, a little too far away. Especially with spring now round the corner.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re as eager for the next instalment in the Star Wars cinematic enterprise as anyone (not least because we’re doing some top secret work on a Star Wars collab for one of our fashion clients). But with Spring in the air, we’re guessing you want real adventure, and soon.

Well, we have just the thing. Not too long ago, we paired up with outdoor brand Berghaus to create the Adventure List, a handy app that’s so full of tantalising outdoor-inspired stories and suggestions from all over the globe it’s almost like we’ve created a miniature digital version of Ray Mears that you can carry round with you in your pocket. The app – and all the wonderful content we created for it – is now alive and kicking in the App Store.
IMG_2465 copy

In the interests of saving time, so you can get cracking on all our riveting recommendations (we pre-populated the app with 100 adventures), here are our handpicked, top five, awesome things you can do on the platform along with a video showcasing the slick user journey that we helped define (we also wrote all the app’s micro-content):

1. Explore and be inspired by a jam-packed catalogue of adventures uploaded by other outdoor-loving users

2. Create your own adventure list by either adding faraway feats that have inspired you or by creating extra-original trips from scratch

3. Share your videos with the bustling app community post-ramble or ride

4. Browse recommended kit lists to keep you safe when satiating your unwavering wanderlust

5. Track your route to receive key, statistics on all of your epic treks

Check out the user reviews, so you know we’re not leading you up the garden path. Or any other less than scintillating route, for that matter.

Inspiration & tracking combined
by Jane1313
I tried this app at the weekend and loved it – is seems like many of my favourite apps in one with tracking for different types of activities and plenty of inspiration for future adventures.

Really functional and easy to use!
by harryp92
This app is great for planning a trip or getting inspiration by seeing what others have done. Suitable for people regardless of age or fitness.

Great fun
by Coombez78
I’m planning my activities for 2015 and found this app easy to use and the adventures already in there are great inspiration.


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