Content brand of the week: Rare Tea Company, the brew-based business with refreshing content

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Did someone say tea? Pop the kettle on, I’m gasping

We’re gasping too, fellow tea-lover, but this time it’s at the brilliance of Rare Tea Company’s content rather than at the thought of a mug of builder’s.

No one turns down a cuppa on a Friday. It’s unheard of. Who are you?! And what’s this fine specimen of a business?

Ok, you get the water boiling while we bring you up to speed. Though you’ll have to boil all the tea bags in China to give us enough time to get through to you.

Someone’s tetchy today! Feeling a little unloved? Perhaps you do need that brew.

Admittedly, you’ve touched upon a valid point – and, importantly, one that forms the basis of this small, independent London-based company, alongside their cracking content.

I’m listening…

Founded in 2004 by Henrietta Lovell, also known as the “Tea-Lady without a trolley” on a handful of the brand’s well-managed social media accounts, Rare Tea Company began with the simple mission statement: “to source and supply the world’s best tea – direct from farmers and their tea gardens.” With a strong focus on the importance of ethically sourced tealeaves and the friendly nature of their supply chain, the company’s different channels are full of photos and videos of the Tea-Lady all over the world. This clear demonstration of her connecting with the makers behind her various tea flavours lets her audience know that the hot beverage we all love the most has been made, by them, with a whole lotta love.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 21.28.21

The regular reassuring posts on its active blog, Twitter, Flickr and Instagram accounts not only amp up the business’s communication with its customers, making RTC an accessible, ‘always-on’ brand, but there’s also a pure and pro-active personality behind the products. As the brand’s Pinterest tagline rightly states: “Small, independent company. Not very good at compromise. Really quite good at tea.”

If you think you know good tea? You’re about to have the best you’ll ever drink, my friend.

You might be the best at making tea, but do you have a video to prove it?

Alongside handy tips on executing the perfect cuppa, a fine art we can all agree, the travelling Tea-Lady is often posts recipe suggestions for tea-inspired treats and savoury meals. It’s not surprising that only a few years ago the company won the Observer Food Monthly Award for the Best Online Independent Retailer, and, thus, has risen to great success. It started off with just a handful of devoted cuppa-loving customers and now boasts collaborations with many of the world’s finest chefs and restaurateurs.

Oh fancy shmancy, who’s in the Rare Tea Crew then?

HIX, St John, Momofoku and Gordon Ramsay, to name a few. And the flavours are just as special. With a choice of loose, herbal and limited edition teas, the product list features a varied selection of fruity and fancy flavours and infusions from all over the world, including Almond Blossom, Sri Lankan Lemongrass and Malawi White Peony.

I thought the horsemeat scandal was over!

Your glasses are all steamed up, dear – it says peony not pony. Wipe those lenses and take a peek at this video campaign, perfectly highlighting the ability of tea, whatever the flavour, to unify people from all over the globe in spite of interests, hobbies, occupations and backgrounds:

A tattooist that likes silver tip tea? Now that is rare!

The power of tea to bring people together is not the only focus of the video and photo posts. Alongside selling vast and varied collections of quaint teaware and loose tea, the Tea-Lady has also put together tea-based cocktail recipes for all of those looking for something a little stronger.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 21.42.33

That’s so engaging I’ve let our cuppas go cold!

Oh you mug.

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