Content brand of the week: Uber, the transport company with well oiled content

Great party last night, but how did you get home?

Oh, it was so late and cold outside, so I just ‘Uber’d’ it.

Uber what?

Y’know, Uber. That transport company that has not-so-secretly been plotting world domination in recent years.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 12.35.52

And they’ve been using Uber great content to get there?

You’re learning fast, amigo! Being a company that transports people from A to B, they have their content strategy well mapped out. You know you’ve got good content when your brand name has transferred from proper noun status to verbage. Not only has it navigated its way into the vernacular, but it also seems to be growing faster than you can hail a normal black cab on the hipster streets of Shoreditch.

World domination, you say?

One look at the list of the 55 countries where Uber already has a presence shows its truly global scale (*raises baby finger to pouted lips*). The brand has recognised the need to adapt content depending on location. For example, if you go to the Uber blog, you’ll find a ‘Local Blogs’ tab with content tailored to each city, from posts in Portuguese about Carnival in Rio, to limousines arriving in Kuala Lumpur, or the new food delivery service UberEATS launching in Barcelona. Each one of these local blogs has its own editorial team, so the organisational emphasis on localised content is clear.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 13.04.09

Wow, 55 countries, that’s roughly one quarter of the world.

Scroll down the blog, and it’s full of news posts on the next city it has conquered. Aside from the blog, Uber has an active Youtube channel regularly pumping out video content shot around the world. The videos tell the personal stories of its ‘partners’ (valued drivers – after all, without the drivers, there’s no wheels to set in motion) shedding the ‘stranger’ image, as well as unique case studies of customers who benefit from the service.

Hmm, ‘partners’, how lofty! Who wants to hop in a cab with a stranger anyway?

Well, these testimonials help to personalise the experience and any user of the app will know that a driver’s name, feedback rating, car spec and registration number are made available before hopping in the vehicle. These customers were surprised when international electronic music producer Deadmau5 (pronounced ‘dead mouse’) showed up in his McClaren sports car, like a BOSS!

Haha, that’s a bit of mouse trap!

Hilarious. On a more lofty note, UberMILITARY is the brand’s initiative to give back to ex-servicemen and women in the US. They’re literally building an army of drivers while simultaneously creating job opportunities for those making the difficult transition back into civilian life. And there are videos showcasing this initiative in action too:

Uber, we salute you.

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