Monday Funday: Beer Giggles


There, we’ve got your attention. Now drink up these beauties. Love your trusty bairmaid, MF. Mwah.

If Carlsberg did do supermarkets we probably wouldn’t even shop at Lidl

Ahhh, the blissful return of Carlsberg’s utopias that transform mundane everyday proceedings into idealised hedonism-havens of beer, illimitable gaiety and more beer. Step back Lidl, we’ve got a new supermarket obsession. (Although don’t leave us altogether, will you? Where else are we going to find Mens Kilts for less than £15, unless we’re being dragged back to that dodgy carboot in Glasgow… not again!)

Is there a beer for my sickeningly overdrawn overdraft? …No? Worth a try…

Someone who shoots Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon in comedic TV tandem is bound to provide us with a few laughs when it comes to catchy content. And he has, but perhaps not in the way he intended. Here, director Michael Winterbottom presents the new SS15 accessory just as London Fashion Week starts predicting our style choices for the autumn/winter season and magnetizing all those wackily dressed bloggers round Somerset House like they’ve just announced a free giveaway of Dazed&Confused. Oh, by the way, it’s beer. That’s right, everything – and he means everything – can be accompanied by a crisp quoff. Forgot your oyster and you’ve already traipsed 15 minutes through the pouring rain to the closed tube station when you’re already more than late for work and have soggy feet covered in blisters? We think Winterbottom might have a beer for that…

From the ha-ha-harchives

We’ll have what they’re having

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