Content brand of the week: Barclays, the bank that’s cracked the code with child-centric content

Ow, but I spent all my cash yesterday on the new Fifty Shades of Grey game from Ann Summers!

Calm yourself, moneybags; we’re not going to chase you up on any outstanding debts. Though we might on your lack of imagination…

Hey, it’s all the rage! Look what it inclu….

WOAH, stop right there! Put that poor excuse for erotica away and turn your attention to Barclays, the big bucks bank bursting with content. They’re no Jamie Dornan, but… swoon!

Ok, but this is gonna cost you. I’ve got way more exciting things to be doing…

Hear us out. We’ve been having a look into Barclays’s new Code Playground campaign and we just can’t get enough. Despite the lack of red padded cells (ahem), this new venture for the British bank is not only original and educational, but it’s also extremely exciting – something that financial services companies must find hard to achieve. What with all the numbers and so on…


Hey, Grandad. You’ve lost me. If it ain’t part of the E. L. James trilogy then I ain’t listenin’

Ok, think of it this way. How did E. L. James tap into the minds of the masses and sustain their engagement? Through knowing what her audience wanted and nurturing that interest over a series of (sexy) instalments. Though the bank doesn’t share the same motivations as the anti-prude author, they certainly know what the banking customer needs and demands, and how to seduce them over an extended period of time.

Okay, it’s all in the anticipation, keep sweet-talking me…

A fun and interactive micro-site devoted to teaching kids how to code, with cute and colourful illustrations, Code Playground is Barclays’ ambitious yet altruistic appeal to parents and children across the globe to engage with heavy digital content and concepts. You might have seen the charming videos promoting the service on Twitter or the heart-warming TV advert?

Lol! I’m moonwalkin’…

Oh, it’s the simple things that get you isn’t it. Anyway, alongside the coding content that breaks a rather heavy subject down into cute cartoons and easy step-by-step instructions for all the kiddies – a feat in itself – they’re also running community sessions around the country, with the inspiring Marvel-esque title Digital Eagles, which aims to provide practical and helpful advice on all your online issues.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 18.03.06

I’ve got an issue…

A short attention span, perhaps? All we’re saying is, both are genuinely helpful services that go beyond content marketing. Barclays are portraying themselves as a supportive lifeline for those that need assistance. In effect, the bank’s content not only makes them innovative, but also credible and, most importantly, one that will make your life better. And to add an extra sweet layer of icing onto their magical marketing cake, they recently paired up with Mumsnet, one of the UK’s largest websites for parents with 5,000 registered bloggers.

Sounds like Barclays has more sway over middle-aged mums than, say, a certain E. L. James!

A smart move on many accounts to position itself as a family-orientated brand. Pairing with the powerhouse of parenting not only gains Barclays trust from mums across the globe, but it will also encourage them to direct their kids towards the bank’s child-centric content pushes.

Consider me cash-converted.

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