Monday Funday: pancake puns, hoovering mums and a barritone boy made of biscuit

The Tuesday we’ve all been waiting for – Pancake Day is a comin’! With that in mind, we’re focusing on all of life’s essentials this week: Nutella’s new nutty song-based pancake advert, baked formations of boy and a just-too-catchy jingle-ad from back in the day that will have you singing all the way to home to hoover your mum’s carpets.

This jingle’s a load of crêpe

There’s no way we won’t be lathering Nutella over our bubbling batter cakes with the lascivious nature of a pancake pervert tomorrow. What we’re not so keen on is this tedious jingle trying to hammer the point home when really it just falls, well, flat as a pancake.

Barritone Biscuit Barry

Melodious men cookies are surely so perfect they can’t be real. Well, thanks to some pretty ingenious advertisers, they are: in the perfect formation of Barry the Biscuit, armed with the luscious side-swept locks of a modern day lothario and the dulcet tones of our favourite singer-seducer Barry White. This biscuit counterpart is tuneful and his rhyming couplets are impressive – we’re taking notes, sweet, symphonic notes…

From the ha-ha-harchives…

If all mums were this ruddy entertaining when asking us to do chores I doubt there’d be a mucky carpet in the nation.

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