Monday Funday: My Funny Valentines

Singletons, rejoice! During what can be a real stomach-turning time of year in the marketing campaign calendar, MF is here at your rescue, armed with the most rib-tickling, deliciously subversive Valentine’s Day adverts out there – guaranteed to keep you in better company than any last-minute panic tinder date. So throw away that box of tissues, cancel that extra-large Domino’s family meal for one and turn that Whitney Houston ballad down! (Rest assured that’s the only time you’ll hear MF say that. Ever.) And get up close and personal with these juicy smackers…


A Spoof-full of Sugar

FOOD FIGHT!!!! Ok, don’t get too carried away. We’re just overexcited with food chain Dairy Queen’s fantastic satire on another company’s Valentine’s campaign. Parodying the tooth-achingly saccharine adverts pushed out by American jewellery company Jared, Dairy Queen’s campaign reimagines that ‘special little box’ moment that is often centred around February 14th and ends up with a big white dress bobbing down a church aisle.

Taken with a spoof-full of irony and a pinch of poking-fun, this brilliant campaign sets the comic food company up as one of the last bastions of hope among their Valentine’s-hungry food chain counterparts. And, well, we love them for it. There, we said it. We’re in love.


You horny old goat!

The pressure of Valentine’s evening getting you in a gruff? Why not pick up some of Holland & Barrett’s specially formulated ‘enhancement’ tablets from their sexual wellbeing range, ‘Horny Goat Weed’? …No takers? We wish they were kidding….

Buy-Horny-Goat-Weed.jpg           Unknown


Love is in the air… every time I pay a pound

Starbuck’s coffee is cheap *cough* tax scandal *cough* and it’s likely your date is too if they’re taking you to the charisma-void coffee chain for romantic Valentine’s Day celebrations – even if it is to give your felicitations to the coming together of the mighty caffeine giant and online dating giant

Not convinced? Us neither. Feel free to leave us off the wedding guest list, guys. Thanks.



From the ha-ha-harchives…

This handsome silver fox from the ha-ha-harchives only gets better with age. And it’s not just because we here at MF are predisposed to the older gentleman.

Here to denounce the notion that we never know what goes on behind closed doors, we present to you IKEA


Special mention goes out to this additional free coupon. Who ever said getting your leg over was gonna cost you?



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