Monday Funday: Super Bowl special

The Super Bowl final is the most watched event in history – so the stakes are high for brands forking out a fortune for some air time during the intermissions. For viewers like us in the UK, staying up late for the big event offers a unique window on mainstream US culture – not just big sport, but the big-spend advertising that goes with it. And – judging by some of the ads that occupied the breaks – a sign that in many cases, brand humour transcends cultural barriers. Here are the ones we enjoyed most.

The perfect getaway

Americans are notoriously appreciative of the British accent and Kia’s Orange Wednesday-esque spot involving Pierce Brosnan proves that. Mr. Bond finds himself the subject of a film pitch, but with a slightly different plot to the one he may have hoped for.

Big ideas from BMW

Sticking with car companies, BMW trawled the American TV archives to find this gem of a flashback that really shows how far technology has advanced. Juxtaposed with a clip from today, the idea of the internet is contrasted with BMW’s latest eco-friendly automobile.

All power-less

Finally, the battery case company Mophie shows us how inconvenient it can be when the all important power runs out, especially when that device is in the hands of a deity. Apocalypse now.

From the ha-ha-harchives…

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