Monday Funday: you sexy MF!

Funny is sexy, and here’s the proof – courtesy of some super-sassy content and campaigns from MoneySuperMarket, EasyJet and Hasbro. Laugh it up, you lustful lot.

It’s all gone bottoms up

Sharon Osbourne stars in the latest laugh-out-loud MoneySuperMarket effort bringing the sass to MF. In typical testimonial format, we meet ‘Dave’ who has just saved money on his car insurance and is in a state of ‘epic’ being. But he’s not your average bloke…just check out those heels!

Sounds like a f-arse

In keeping with the CGI bums, budget airline EasyJet is also taking a back-facing approach and keeping bums happy with cheap seats on their flights.

Play-DOH! Homer would be proud

The design team at Hasbro must have seen one of our ha-ha-harchives because it sure looks like they had fun making this children’s toy as phallic as possible. The controversially shaped toy courted a mixed response on Play-doh’s Facebook page. Cue hilarious comments.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 13.43.41

Some parents were able to appreciate the adult entertainment, intentional or not (we’ll never know), while others failed to see the funny side. And it seems the prudish parents won out. The result of negative consumer feedback? A redesign of the so-called ‘extruder tool’.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 13.58.07

We’re not sure who to credit; the designers for their wit, or the customer service team for acknowledging the complaints of decorous parents.

From the ha-ha-harchives

There’s the row over Page 3, but spare a thought for Diet Coke’s enduring ‘hunk’ character who has just been ditched in the brand’s latest campaign. It may not be 11.30, but it’s still a good time to revisit one of those classic thirst quenching ads.

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