Content brand of the week: Burberry, the formidable fashion house powered by carefully curated content

I’m guessing that’s a new over-priced super-fruit that’s in all the latest detox diets?

I’m not talking about fancy edibles… but the British fashion brand, Burberry.

Ah, the chav’s check of choice! Fair enough, we’ve all been through our rough patches, right? Remember Britney in 2007?

And yet, just like Britney, Burberry has managed to reinvent their image into a wholesome, unstoppable powerhouse of fashion.

So what you’re saying is that Burberry followed in Britney’s footsteps to overhaul their image? Talk some sense! 

Over the past decade Burberry has, metaphorically, gone from girl to woman (that’s it; we’re done with Britney references now).

From a brand struggling with its identity and its target audience, Burberry has transformed into not just a hallmark of British fashion, but a lifestyle brand too. This turnaround is not wholly fortuitous. It’s very much a result of their content and how beautifully it is both curated and sustained.

Ok, give us a bit of background…

With Christopher Bailey now at the helm of the tech-savvy, multi-billion dollar fashion house, Burberry has gone from strength to strength. The company boasts a huge social media presence with 3.53m Twitter followers and 2.5m Instagram fans helped in no small part by the recent festive campaign From London with Love. The campaign starred the undeniably cute and impressively adept robot dancer Romeo Beckham pulling in 9m YouTube views.

Yeah, yeah, leopards can change their spots. Tell us something new!

The figures alone are impressive. But it’s the classy way Burberry airs all of this content across their different platforms that makes it really stand out. The once stigmatised Burberry check pattern has now been exonerated from its ‘chav’ associations, proudly wrapping itself around Romeo’s neck in the advert.

So what is this juicy content they’re putting out there?

The different strands of Burberry’s brand DNA – and, incidentally, what they focus their content around – are: heritage, Britishness, the weather and craftsmanship. The weather, a universally recognised talking point is unlikely to stop providing Burberry with stuff to discuss. Its daily Twitter and Instagram posts show moody, scenic shots from around the metropolis, not only providing a constant talking point but also linking the brand’s strong British heritage with its location.

Burberry InstagramSynonymous with Burberry is the iconic trench coat that has evolved from protecting officers in the war to being worn by the fashion-forward across the globe. The trench has its own dedicated section on the website called Art of the Trench. Accessible on Tumblr, the platform keeps the trench story alive with user-generated photos of people sporting the iconic trench. Wearers around the world are invited to feel part of the prestigious Burberry family.

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 18.32.52Hmm the trench coat – music to my ears!

Well, glad you asked. Burberry Acoustic is the brand’s indie-driven, philanthropic series that features recordings of up-and-coming songwriters (wearing the brand on their sleeve, of course). The musical content is mutually beneficial; the brand helps increase exposure for the artist while the artist attracts a young, music-loving audience to Burberry.

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 18.34.48Wow, ‘check’ them out!

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