Content brand of the week: Ricoh, the content brand that every B2B marketer should look to (photo)copy

Oh I hate that cheese! I much prefer ched…

What are you on about? I’m not talking about cheese. And you’re missing syllables, m’dear.

If we’re not talking cheese, than what are we talking about?

Ricoh, the print and imaging company that is urging us all to be ‘ready for then workplace of the future’.

The thrilling world of printers
The thrilling world of printers

I see. It’s Ricoh time!

Erm, yes. Something like that. Ricoh has established an editorial platform – – with a focus on the ideology of the new world of work that they define in terms of ‘Information Mobility’.

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 17.26.49

Fair enough, everyone likes a new website every now and then. But what has Ricoh done to deserve #CBOTW?

If you visit the website, you’ll see they’ve adopted a slick publishing model – the tell-tale sign of a solid content brand. There’s a whole array of high-value content in blog style colour-coded tagged posts that range from employer advice to suggestions on work-life balance, all with the aim of helping fellow businesses. The content informs and educates, suggesting ways to improve information mobility, and to an extent it is entertaining with its colourful infographics. The quality of their content is also noticeable, with regular columns by established writers. Such strong content has led the website to become a leading voice and resource in the field.

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 17.07.43

That’s a pretty strong assertion – where’s the proof? Gimme some numbers.

They attracted one million visitors to the site in just 72 days. This is a company that makes PHOTOCOPIERS, people! And yet they’ve managed to carve out the kind of audience engagement that ‘sexier’ consumer-facing brands can only dream of.

Impressive – respect, Ricoh! And how do users pay back the brand for all their valuable content?

It’s a classic content marketing strategy in action – Ricoh helps people make their businesses more efficient and ‘future-proof’, and in return it has a perfect platform for data-collection and ‘soft-selling’ – all those email signups provide a steady stream of engaged business purchasers and decision makers adding themselves to Ricoh’s marketing database.

Wow, I think I’m all outta ink!

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