Happy #xmas – a social media schedule to guide you through Christmas day


Addicted to social media? Don’t worry, so are we. Our survival guide will ensure you don’t let things like family and figgy pudding get in the way of a super-social Christmas day.

9am: wake up and check in to ‘end of my bed’ on Foursquare as you tuck into your stocking full of goodies

10am: make a Vine of you ‘unboxing’ a 4-pack of new socks

11am: check your Google+ account. Nothin’ going on.

12pm: tweet to a celebrity asking what they got for Christmas. Gets favourited.

3pm: Instagram your plate as you sit down for lunch

4pm: let off some steam post-meal by micro-blogging about your familial frustrations on your (password protected) Tumblr journal

5pm: send a Snapchat of your cat falling off the sofa to eight of your mates. Receive no replies.

6pm: mournfully browse Pinterest for all the presents you wish you’d received

7pm: send a whatsapp wishing Merry Christmas to your pals around the world. Can’t remember if Australia is 12 hours ahead or behind.

8pm: bit squiffy now, write a Facebook status about how much you love your family and friends – don’t forget to add #blessed at the end!

Author: Tom Owen

A strategic storyteller and compelling content creator, awash with acuity and adept at alliteration. I work for Speak Media. www.speakmedia.co.uk

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