Content brand of the week: MoveHub, the price-finding site without compare

What do you mean move up? There’s plenty of room for us both to sit down!

I said MoveHub, it’s a brand that helps people moving from one country to another get the best prices on things like shipping and other relocation costs.

Well we’ve never had one of those on content brand of the week before!

No it’s an unusual business type I’ll grant you. Most people will have used a price comparison site to buy flights or insurance, but the idea of one exclusively for people moving abroad seems pretty niche. Sometimes being niche pays though, in this case it allows MoveHub a lot of scope for awesome content creation that’s hyper-relevant to its brand.


The brand has had a lot of success with viral social content based on statistics about the world. Take this example of a map purporting to chart the where the world’s happiest (and unhappiest) people live. It actually ended up being picked up by Time Magazine:


Sounds like it’s about time MoveHub got some recognition!

We haven’t got Time for silly puns. One of MoveHub’s most impressive content marketing projects is its illustrated children’s book, Min’s Move. It was written and illustrated by the brand and released on its website. The aim of the book is to help families that are emigrating explain the move to younger children – a vital tool for anyone who’s looking to pack up their whole life (including kids) and ship it abroad.

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 15.41.53

Reminds me of when my parents moved to Antartica. Except they didn’t tell me…

Sitting between those instantly digestible fact-maps and the longer-form projects like a whole kids book is the MoveHub blog, which is used effectively to drive searchability of the brand by covering topics that are close to the hearts of its audience. Main topics include travel, other cultures and global trends. Here’s a stomach-turning piece about festive food  around the world.

Ok that’s it, my bags are packed, I’m moving to Mongolia.

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