Monday Funday: packed with Christmas cheer

Last week we talked Thanksgiving, so I suppose it was inevitable that we cover the year’s yuletide efforts. soon too. With Christmas just two weeks hence (yes you do need to start buying some presents) the seasonal slew of Christmas content has been released – most of it for more than a month already. We picked a handful of favourites, old and new.

Witness the cuteness

Here’s a Christmas advert from McVitie’s featuring some incredibly cute puppies, a teacup pig and a narwhal. Yes, a narwhal. Is it funny? Well a bit, but not really. Will it melt the hearts of even the stoniest of Christmas cynics? Darn tootin’!


Bag yourself a bag

And here we have Mulberry’s effort for 2014. The comic conceit is sound, the unicorn gag is pretty funny and it’s a nice overall take on the competitive side of Christmas gift-giving. We’re just not sure what this ad says about Mulberry’s attitude to its core demographic (Are they all toffs? Are they all motivated only by mercenary one-upmanship?)


She’s back!

Remember the raucous redhead from the Poo Pourri viral video we shared with you last year? Well she’s back and she brought her three potty-mouthed daughters, just in time to catch Chris Kringle in the can.


From the ho-ho-harchives

For anyone who finds all this festive jollity a bit grating, this week’s archive post will help redress the balance. A Christmas clip from the Netherlands to file under ‘dark humour’. Ho ho ho, indeed.


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