Content brand of the week: Gousto, the brand where content is the main ingredient

Ah yes, the Attenborough of the oceans. Who could forget him grenading a whole bunch of fish for the purposes of ‘ecological research‘?

I think you might be confused. Are you thinking of french marine biologist Jacques Cousteau?


Gousto is a brand that sends you the ingredients for different meals each week, with recipe cards to follow, and no wastage. Making eating healthy that little bit easier for busy people. There’s also no waste because Gousto only send you what you need. Like a sprig of parsley, rather than a whole bunch that will inevitably wilt and die in the back of the fridge.

Sounds ideal. Now if only I could find another service that sent somebody to cook it for me…

You may not like cooking but plenty of people do. And plenty of people like Gousto as well. The brand has 10,000 likes on Facebook, not bad going for a startup founded just three years ago.

That is good. Why are they so popular?

Well as we know, the secret (ingredient) to success is content – something Gousto has at the heart of its brand. This is a true content brand in the sense that it has been built with content at its core, rather than some brands that might add a barren blog to their sites and call that a content marketing strategy. You can tell that from the brand’s blog which is lively, frequently updated and packed with a variety of posts. There are recipes (of course) and also featured foodstuffs of the week. We count seven posts already this month. Meaning there’s reason for consumers to come back every week or so, just to see what’s up.

But what if people don’t want to visit the site? Or simply forget about the brand?

Well Gousto does plenty to stop that from happening. There’s its weekly e-shots, letting existing customers know what recipes are available to them this week and keeping the brand at front of mind. Imagine for a second that your name is Paul, wouldn’t receiving an email like this make your mouth water?

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 15.32.33

That is making me very hungry.

Well that’s part of the trick, I’m sure. Other than the content it sends out, Gousto is very good at dressing up the bits of its comms that are notoriously dull places to visit on most websites. Corporate responsibility pages, for instance, are well-known for being places where buzzwords go to meet each other and multiply – not so with Gousto. The brand’s single page CR statement is headed by a picture of an actual person, actually smiling, and the messaging is written in a warm tone that doesn’t hide behind long fancy words or obscure concepts.

Fetch me my spatula!

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