Content Brand of the Week: Deus Customs, the surf brand that’s riding high

Custom juice? I’ll have a pint of lychee, kumquat and  cauliflower please.

Deus! It mean’s god. We’re talking about a Australian surfer brand today called Deus Customs, which takes its name from the Latin phrase ‘deus ex machina’ (or ‘God from the machine’ for our non-Roman readers) – it’s a bit of theatrical drama lingo that refers to a seemingly impossible problem being solved in a surprising or unforeseen way.

How does that relates to a brand that makes surfboards?

Your guess is as good as mine, dude. Dues Customs doesn’t just do surfboards though, it also makes bespoke motorcycles, stylish menswear and even a road bike.

It sounds less like a brand, more a teenage boy’s fantasy toy box!

True, and the brand’s website has a similar cornucopia-type vibe to it. It’s jam-packed with great content, mixed right in with the product side of things. Just look at this screengrab of the homepage today.

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 11.31.09


That’s five content stories and just one commerce story. Miles ahead of most etailers.

This brand gives good ratio!

Not only that but the content itself is excellent, with HD video, gorgeous photography and long-form stories all used to great effect. The brand produced a film called ‘I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night’, which aside from being an awesome title is also a truly magnificent watch. If you have 36 minutes you can find it here, the trailer should whet your appetite.


Consider me whetted.

And that’s not all. The brand’s also segmenting its content by location, something that wins a gold star from us every time. You’ll notice on the pic above that the stories are tagged up based on the market to which they’re most relevant (America, Italy, Australia), so consumers can find the stuff that speaks loudest to them. Here’s a story from the Italian arm of the company who took part in L’Eroica, a vintage cycling-fest across the Chianti region of Italy that’s recently been reproduced in Bakewell.

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 12.09.59

And there’s both an English and Italian version of the story, that’s really riding the extra mile.

Yes, although we did notice a lot of clunky language in the English version – suggesting maybe the translation of the piece from its original Italian was a little off. Still, we won’t hold that against Deus Customs. Managing an international content brand is no mean feat. What all the stories on the Deus site do really well is communicate passion, about its products but also about the lifestyle that they are a part of.

Anything else Deus is doing well?

On the back of a talk we saw last night given by the founder of Provenance, a digital platform that lets makers show consumers how their products are created, we were delighted to find this video telling the simple story of how a pair of Deus board shorts get made.

I certainly won’t be getting board of Deus any time soon.

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