A content marketer’s love letter to SEO

letter-447577_1920Dear SEO,

I apologise for our past misunderstandings. Since I’ve come to know you better, I have to admit, I’m falling for you more each day.

From your track record, I thought you were all hard-as-nails with your metadata and keywords. I assumed you were just an overbearing showoff, elbowing your way in, stepping on my serifs and getting in the way of my clear messages. But I can see now I was wrong.

Your friends Panda and Penguin seem to have had a grounding influence – now your feet are firmly planted and your personality is shining through. Your performance always seemed a little forced in the past, but I really like the way you’ve opened up and become more sociable. It means we are having so much more fun. I’ve been able to let my hair down. I love how you’ve let me use Facebook and Twitter to improve my Google rankings in my own way. My blog is helping my search status too. It feels more natural, don’t you agree?

And by showing your true advantages, you’ve helped me reconcile with my PR and marketing team – we are one big happy family again. They no longer roll their eyes when I speak your name. They don’t seem as intimidated by you anymore. I think they can see that we can streamline things with our press and advertising, networking, events and marketing – because I think they’ve finally realised we’re all interested in the same things: it’s all about brand awareness, telling our unique story and having great content to give people a reason to visit our site. So, you use your lingo and call it ‘optimising search’ and we’ll call it ‘driving traffic to the site’ – it all adds up to a better experience for our customers at the end of the day, doesn’t it?

I know you’ll always be an online guy. But by fitting in more with my offline friends, you’ve allowed me to focus on my strengths in the relationship – my brilliant content. I can concentrate on giving our customers content that gives them the information they need and the engagement they want. I can even add photos and videos that people will want to share. And that will only reflect well on you too.

I’m really happy with how our relationship is working out. You’ve let me open myself up to new possibilities. (And, if I have to admit it, I think a few PRs are developing quite the crush too!)

Love always,

Your dedicated content marketer

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Author: bethkeehn

Writer, editor, photographer and drummer. Loves working with talented teams, like the nice people at Speak Media.

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