Content brand of the week: Goodwood Revival, the event brand that’ll get your heart racing

There’s a really good wood down the back of my house. Little stream. Toadstools. Rope swing. All your basic wood-y essentials.

We’re not talking about any old copse of above average quality here, we’re talking about Goodwood, home to historic horse racing and, for one weekend in summer, some of the fastest classic cars (pre-1966) in speed racing history.


Sounds like the perfect place for male motorheads reliving their former glory days?

True, the event showcases historical autos, aeroplanes and bikes. But, by embracing all things retro, the Goodwood Revival widens its appeal to a very large audience indeed. For those who don’t care for ‘eau de pit lane’ there are vintage fashion, make-up and hairdressing markets. The event also plays on icons of classic British cool and makes them its own – from the Spitfire to James Bond – making it the perfect brand to profile on Buy British Day.


Sounds tricky! How does it manage all that?

The event wears its brand heritage on its sleeve, so to speak – everyone dresses up in vintage gear for the weekend with bands and actors in period dress keeping the vibe alive. There’s even the odd celebrity or two. The event programmes, tickets and badges are charmingly retro print designs, and sponsors (or ‘brand partners’ in the preferred parlance) are all suitably attired.

And are these brands mainly from the auto trade?

You’d be surprised. Brand partners like Butlins, Veuve Clicquot and Chilgrove Gin all get in to the spirit (pardon the pun), adding their brand equity to that of the wider event. Robusto House Cuban Cigars even laid on a well-orchestrated piece of street theatre, at least we hope all these kids gathered around a cigar shop was a set-up and not just a searing indictment of the cynical world of tobacco marketing.


Sounds like fun, but a bit like ‘you had to be there’

Not necessarily – you could enjoy the whole event from the comfort of your own home. Although you wouldn’t get to dress up as a flapper girl. The Revival website has track maps and race listings. Revival Live lets you check results alongside live race streaming and aggregated user-generated content each day – it’s the next best thing to being there and improves overall brand desirability by giving those who didn’t go a taste of the fun.

And what about those who didn’t know it was happening?

Well you haven’t missed all the fun. Goodwood Revival offers loads of content to keep you going until next year’s event. There are ‘best of’ user photos on Twitter and Facebook, you can watch all the action again on the Goodwood TV YouTube channel and sign up to the weekly e-newsletter so you don’t miss out on the action next time. (And buy the keepsake DVD of course!)


If it’s so great, why didn’t I see it on telly?

While giving away loads of visual content to its fans and followers, event host (and venue owner) Lord March, and his savvy chums manage to give this event an exclusive feel by partnering with major brands and presenting content their way. So, while you might see the odd newspaper link-up and occasional summary package on motor-friendly TV, this event is all about the theatre of being there on the day. And that is what the content is all about – getting you to sign up to next year’s event.

Roger that, fetch me my driving moccasins!

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