Content brand of the week: Beavertown, the beermaker brewing up some great content

Beavertown? This one’s easy, must be a specialist animal sanctuary.

If this was an episode of QI the klaxon would just have gone off I’m afraid. While it might seem obvious to associate the name with a haven for furry critters, Beavertown is actually a brewery based in London.

Ah great, just what the world needs – another craft brewery…

There’s no need to be like that. Once you’ve seen the brand’s content you’ll soon change your tune too. Point your peepers at this video for a second (or 180 seconds to be precise).

Cor, that doesn’t half make me feel thirsty.

Which is exactly what it’s meant to do. As content it’s devastatingly effective – when one member of our team first saw that video he immediately hopped on his bike and cycled to Duke’s Brew & Que to grab a bottle. [Ed: this, unfortunately, is a true story]

Now that’s the true power of content marketing.

As well as that gorgeous video there are a few other tasty drops of visual content around the Beavertown site. We picked up this bit from the brand’s Facebook page.

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 16.16.28

And this was on the blog.


I’m sure you’ll agree its a pretty distinctive identity, and one that extends all the way out to the packaging of the brand’s products.

So far, so visual. Does Beavertown not have much to say, or is it just the strong and silent type?

Au contraire, the brand has two blogs (although one only has one post on it from quite some time ago), in which it tells the world all about what it has been up to. As you’d expect with a beer brand, which lives or dies by its bricks and mortar sales (as opposed to the many industries that are moving more and more online), Beavertown is big on events. Next month it is hosting a sort of Technicolor craft beer mash-up festival, in which 14 breweries are producing one-off collaboration brews themed around the seven colours of the rainbow.


Doesn’t quite have simplicity of Happy hour, does it?

A convoluted concept it might be, but the brand is capturing people’s imagination and using content generated in previous events to drive engagement with those yet to happen – if a little convolution is the price for soundly repurposed content then we’ll pay up every time. As well as the visuals, the brand’s blog is written in a great tone of voice; edgy, enthusiastic, with a liberal serving of humour. See:

Ohhhhh what a surprise, another craft beer collaboration. YAAAAWN

**SLAP** Shut it you.

Friends, enemies (we will crush you) and interested people! On Friday 15th August we will be teaming up with our good buddies Camden Town Brewery, and brewing up an unholy collab. “One Hell of a Beaver” will be the best of two already pretty great worlds, Camden Town’s Hells Lager and our Gamma Ray APA mash-up and will be one hell of a beer, you mark my words..

Words and pictures, the full pint-age.

Aside from the top ToV you’ll notice that bit of blogging above was also about collaborations, a recurring theme throughout Beavertown’s content. In fact, partnerships are the main way Beavertown gets its voice heard – a savvy tactic for smaller brands with bucketloads of cred, but lacking the wider visibility of a top beer brand – just don’t expect a team-up with mass-produced lager giants Fosters any time soon!

Smart stuff, but tell me again, why is Beavertown a great content brand worthy of my hard-earned beer money?

Three reasons: the brand uses great visuals throughout its content, from event posters, to social channels, to the artwork on its cans; Beavertown also has a wicked tone of voice, vital to creating a unique identity; and finally, the brand uses collaborations and partnerships to great effect, piggybacking on the popularity of longer-established brands.

Brew dat!

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