Missing Speak Media hero was in Edinburgh all along

I know a lot of you have been thinking:

“Oh man, where’s Matt? I love his humorous posts on the Speak Media blog. They’re so funny and interesting and he’s so handsome probably.”

Don’t fear dear reader as I am back. Been up Edinburgh ain’t I?

For those that don’t know, in my spare time I run a cracking comedy club and was up doing some research/drinking. If you plan on catching the final week of the biggest and best arts festival in the world* stay tuned as at the end I will be listing my top three show recommendations. For now, here’s my time in pictures.

Train snack

Seasoned train travellers will know that the appropriate snacks are an absolute essential. London to Edinburgh takes about 4 hours so here’s what I recommend for the journey.

Train view

But don’t let those delicious snacks distract you from the views. Once you pass Newcastle the scenery is phenomenal.

Fringe guide

This is what I was here for, the Fringe. Virgin Money sponsored the official Fringe guide which this year is operating under the notion of being ‘unboring’. Actually I thought this was a really effective tag and I certainly heard a few people using it. Very hashtaggable indeed.

Henry Von Stifle

I was treated to some blinding shows. In this picture you’re looking at Henry Von Stifle and his valet Spencer. Tears rolled down my cheeks during this one.

Stitch up

It’s not all fun and games as a punter at the Fringe. Here’s a friend of mine who was ‘stitched up’ by the whirlwind of insanity that is Beth Vyse.

Dime bar pie

If you can peel your eyes away from the comedy, don’t forget to sample the culinary delights Edinburgh has to offer.

Rooftop drink

A final rooftop drink in what has to be one of Europe’s most beautiful cities.

Going home

And it was home time.


What a trip ey guys?

If you are partaking in a similar comedy pilgrimage here are my top three recommendations.

  1. Mr Swallow – The Musical
  2. Henry Von Stifle: Working Class Hero (with a valet)
  3. Luisa Omielan… Am I Right Ladies

So call off the search dogs, inform the police I’m fine and dry those eyes because I am back to business at Speak Media and handsome as ever, probably.


*Other arts festivals are available.

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