Content brand of the week: Dosnoventa, the hipster cycling brand that looks the part

Ah Raskolnikov was always my favourite of his characters, doomed by his own exceptional intellect. Tragic.

What on earth are you talking about?

Dosnoventa, isn’t that the bloke who wrote Crime and Punishment?

I think you’re thinking of Dostoyevsky. Dosnoventa is a super-hip Spanish cycling brand with heaps of beautiful visual content.

Oh great, another one of the Rapha, Morvelo and Bikeminded crew.

Alright, we love cycling brands, but can you blame us? Look how cool this video from Dosnoventa is!

So pretty – I’m on board!

And at seven minutes long it’s no flash in the pan neither. Dosnoventa has invested big in video content ever since it was founded in 2010. One reason for this could be the fact neither of the brand’s owners are native English speakers (as the copy in this blog post will testify) – and video allows Dosnoventa to say just as much, if not more. The brand’s ‘Dosnoventa TV’ channel is powered by high-def specialists Vimeo and the more time we spend there, the greater our passion for the brand becomes. Here the brand uses the words of Jack Kerouac and Johnny Cash to devastating effect.

Given the deeply impractical but very stylish gear that the riders are wearing, do I detect as bit of involvement from Lacoste Live here?

Well spotted! Yes Lacoste Live (the cooler, hipper more trend-led division of the Lacoste brand) has partnered up with Dosnoventa on a couple of video projects – we see this as the classic collaboration dynamic, with a larger more established brand dropping some cash to an up-and-coming outfit in exchange for some reflected glory. If you have a good scout around you’ll also notice the Live! logo proudly displayed in in this unbelievable 3D tour of the Dosnoventa flagship store in Barcelona.

Web design really has come a long way since those hideous virtual tours you’d see in the ’90s hasn’t it?

True. And the visual content doesn’t stop there either, the brand is big on Tumblr with an amazingly rich visual narrative to rival even our old favourites Poler Stuff.

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 14.37.43

Me gusta!

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