Monday Funday: flying pizzas, poor parodies and unfriendly burgers

Deep in darkest east London, something stirs. It knows not what it is, only that it has consciousness. This dark, writhing consciousness evolves into a sensory mess of sounds and shapes, it starts to recognise jingles and brand logos. Rising like a satirical whirlwind this steaming mass breathes in the bright lights and witty straplines visible in local shop windows. A stray dog bursts happily into the alley chasing an imaginary ball, stares at the mass and freezes. With a final intake of breath the mass speaks.

“I am Monday Funday, the scourge of poorly constructed brand strategy and champion of viral success, hear me roar.”

Guys, Comicon’s in town (San Diego town), if Marvel can do origin stories, so can we.

Pizza Hut grabs a slice of the action

I hope you enjoyed that bizarre Monday Funday origin story. Granted it wasn’t quite as thrilling as Wolverine’s (cool metal bones etc), but I for one found my heart racing at a very slightly increased tempo – and I wrote it. So Comic-Con happened and aside from the usual Marvel gang, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans were out in force. Pizza Hut couldn’t let this opportunity go to waste and they brilliantly grabbed a pizza the action with a slice of genius. Much to the delight of Comic-Con attendees, ‘the Hut’ brought the Turtle’s fabled pizza-thrower to life, racking up thousands of YouTube views in the process.

Microsoft’s lack of cool is duly Noted

From the sublime to the downright awful now with Microsoft’s latest in a series of cringe-worthy song parodies to promote its new tablet. We can only assume this is the brand’s attempt to corner the anti-cool market. I have to say guys, I think you had that market cornered already. In fact Microsoft, I’m using your software as I write this but that video has tempted me to shut it d…

Ok, I’m back, it’s fine.

Warning, if you are allergic to cringe, look away now.

From the ha-ha-harchives

It’s safe to say Microsoft’s parody will never make it to the Hall of Harchives Fame. This on the other hand…

In a break from our tradition of showing old television ads, Burger King’s 2009 Facebook campaign called Whopper Sacrifice was hilarious.


In order to earn a free Whopper you had to defriend 10 Facebook friends and the names of those you chose cruelly/brilliantly appeared on your newsfeed. (Ask yourself, is your friendship worth a tenth of a burger?) Due to its popularity Facebook had to call time on the campaign. Whopper great idea.


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