Monday Funday: Tesco tweets, CIA reveals all and McDonald’s chip in

Good morning Monday, it’s so nice to see you. Won’t you come in? Shoes off please. No? Well at least wipe your feet you ungrateful-

And scene.

That was a short piece I like to call “Monday Shoes” and it depicts how many people feel about the first day of the week.

This, is Monday Funday.

Braziliant German victory, but it really gets my Gotze

We can’t ignore the World Cup Final that took place last night, but for all those haters out there, don’t worry, you’ll have a lovely four year break from any mention of ‘said cup’ starting at the end of this hilarious section.

First up is this potential misfire from McDonald’s. Points for effort and generally being elaborate, but maybe not for the finished product. At least they fried.

Brands have had a field day on Twitter during this World Cup. It has proved to be the most fertile form of social media with 36.5 millions tweets sent during last night’s final. This twitter effort from Tesco was particularly nice after Brazil crashed out last week.

Tesco tweet

Ok enough. Surely other things have been going on in the world. Let’s have a look.

Messy CIA finally reveal where they’ve been hiding their rappers

Sticking with Twitter, guess which sinister intelligence agency has been celebrating its one month Twitterversary? That’s right, the CIA. The spooks in Langley are proving to be just as good at gathering followers as they are intelligence, having already accrued 728,000 followers all desperate to uncover the cover-ups and declassify the classifieds.

To celebrate this Twitter milestone the CIA decided to answer one of their most asked questions. Here’s the response:

CIA tweet

So now you know.

Ever had that feeling you’re being followed by the CIA? Now’s your chance to follow them back.

From the ha-ha-harchives

No introduction needed – this is an absolute classic from Tango.

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