Monday Funday: Lego of me Luis

In this – our attempt at light relief for those dragging their weekend-broken bodies through the first day of the week – you can look forward to a host of jolly articles and charming videos from some of the people and brands that have caught our attention over the past week.

Our food section with Luis Suarez

World renowned foodie and Uruguayan footballer Luis Suarez broke new ground this month by both being and having an acquired taste. Already having had his fill of Dutch and Serbian, the back end of June saw him dine out on an Italian. Suarez said of his Chiellini a la Arrabiata that “it hurt my teeth”.

Clever old Snickers took advantage pretty quickly with this tweet. 37,644 retweets’ll do.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 18.08.18

It seems social media dominance is easy if your product is delicious.

Lego of me, I’m trying to catch a bus

Ouch, nasty pun there. Nonetheless content comes in many forms and last week saw a great bit of offline marketing from Lego. They built a bus stop in front Hamley’s on Regent’s Street out of, you guessed it, Lego. Be thankful that the specified routes didn’t go to Brick Lane or right now you would have been reading another horrible pun.


See the rest of the pictures here.

England have gone home. This’ll cheer you up

England? What is England?

With our beloved country’s World Cup exit a distant memory your interest in the tournament may be flagging. If that’s the case how about rekindling your enthusiasm for the beautiful game by watching this equally beautiful animated World Cup ad from Nike.

However, if you’re still feeling blue about the whole thing why not join me in a bout of schadenfreude? I found it comforting to note that despite its huge brand presence and financial clout, that Nike ad received fewer views than this one of cats and that.

About 11 million less. Life’s not fair.

From the ha-ha-harchives

Here’s a great McDonalds ad from the last millennium, which is a perfect example of how to say a lot with very little.

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