Content Brand of the Week: Hatchery, the artisan ingredient supplier that really delivers

Hatchery eh? Finally I can order live chickens over the internet!

Not eggsactly. Hatchery are a self-styled “purveyor of artisan ingredients”, based in the USA.

I fancy making a baroque statue for the garden, but having unprocessed marble delivered sounds expensive…

Actually, they are ingredients for cooking. Hatchery source them from quality suppliers like green markets and farms, then deliver them to your door in boxes of 5-6, for a subscription of $20 a month. It saves you the hassle of hunting them down individually. Hatchery is all about provenance – that’s knowing where your food comes from. The website features in-depth profiles of some of the suppliers, which helps make it a more credible brand.


Sounds good, but what am I supposed to do with all these fancy ingredients?

I’m glad you asked  – that’s where their Instagram page comes in. It’s filled with cooking ideas that look amazing, all featuring the ingredients The Hatchery supply.


Looks a bit better than the cheese on toast I had planned.

Exactly. Instagram is filled with pictures people have taken of their food, so these high quality photos of unique recipes help Hatchery stand out from the crowd. The recipes mostly aren’t complicated either, which really gets across the message that great food is all about using the best ingredients.



This is making me hungry…

There are also regular video features like “15 second cocktails” as well as one-off guides on a variety of topics, from roasting a chicken, to preparing artichokes.



They are informative, but also short, which is important on Instagram. It makes a great alternative to longer video guides that have far more padding with the same amount of information. The Hatchery really understands the power of Instagram as a channel for short-burst storytelling.

Are there longer recipes too?

There are indeed – on the main site there are detailed instructions to make some more advanced recipes. Making good use of the extra space, the recipes are full of evocative language like “Here, the bright flavour of citrus perfectly complements the subtle but slightly earthy flavour of the olive oil.” – once again, tailoring the content to the channel, to communicate with the audience in the most compelling way possible.


Cooking and content –sounds like they’ve hatched the perfect plan!

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