Content brand of the week: Seven For All Mankind, the faded denim brand with content that shines

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Seven what for all mankind? Continents? Wonders of the ancient world? Original members of S Club?

In this case the seven refers to the number of jeans the average person supposedly owns at any one time.

Seven pairs? Don’t be ridiculous. Are you sure they don’t mean one pair every seven years?

Nope. Seven sounds about right to me. Wait… how old are your jeans?

Six years and still looking fresh!

Shame they don’t smell fresh. And they’re covered in curry stains.

That isn’t curry…

I don’t even want to know. Can we move on to the business of the day now please?

You mean we’re not going to spend all afternoon talking about my jeans?

No. We’re going to talk about the awesome content being created by Seven For All Mankind, also known as 7FAM, a premium denim brand founded in Los Angeles at the dawning of the millennium.

But seemingly every fashion brand produces content now, from Burberry’s Fashion Week snaps to Lazy Oaf’s scrapbook-style blog. What makes 7FAM special?

Well for one thing, the brand is doing blogger outreach exceptionally well. Playing on its Californian roots 7FAM has recently been linking up with bloggers and sending them on adventures around the Golden State. The stories live at the brand’s own blog, but the influencers have also posted about 7FAM on their own channels, which has seen a 30% increase in Instagram followers for the brand in just a few weeks.

Crikey that’s impressive.

It is, especially when you consider what a key channel Instagram is becoming in the fashion space. It’s not the only thing the brand is doing on the snap ‘n’ share photo platform either – there’s currently a competition running where users can tag their own ‘Dreams in Blue’ pictures for a chance to win a £500 voucher to spend on 7FAM gear. It encourages fans to engage and submit content, helping to keep the mix on 7FAM’s channels balanced between the salesy product stuff and more engaging brand-building messages.

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 14.57.33
An example of user-generated content on the 7FAM Instagram page

So 7FAM is doing a good job of keeping things balanced?

Absolutely. The 7FAM blog features a good variety of story formats, great visuals, and absolutely nails a youthful, but premium, tone. All the essentials to a thriving content channel that gets results. What’s more, the content is also segmentable by location, so you can choose whether you want to read stories relevant to all of Europe, or just those that are related to your country. Right now there are filter options for the big six European countries, which is way more than you’ll encounter on virtually any other brand blog. So 7FAM isn’t just multi-channel, it’s multi-region too.

Sounds like 7FAM has this content thing sewn up!

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Author: Tom Owen

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