Monday Funday: slam dunks and sandwiches

Monday Funday is our weekly post where we round up the funniest (and sometimes unfunniest) bits of brand humour and collect them all up in one place – so you don’t have to spend your entire workday scrolling through YouTube and BuzzFeed. Get ready to have your ribs tickled.

Nobody wants to see a gymnasium filled with eagles…

When you’re as good at basketball as 7ft 4in Kareem Abdul-Jabbar people will take any opportunity to bring you down to their level. In Bobby ‘the bounce pass’ Mitchowski’s case that meant getting the slam dunk banished from the court. We love this video just for the fact that Glenn Howerton of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ fame is the main antagonist.


Stamper, no!

What do you do when your global fast food franchise is going out of business? Make great viral video content pastiching not one but two of the world’s most popular TV shows, that’s what. Here, bankrupt sandwich brand Quiznos brilliantly mashes up both House of Cards and Game of Thrones. Genius!


From the ha-ha-harchives

Boy, have we got a treat for you this week in the vintage video section. Seven whole minutes of Aardman Creature Comfort magic in support of Electric Central Heating.

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Author: Tom Owen

A strategic storyteller and compelling content creator, awash with acuity and adept at alliteration. I work for Speak Media.

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