Content brand of the week: Lola and Grace, the brand with a crystal clear content mission

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Who are Lola and Grace when they’re at home, then?

Not a who, but a what, Lola and Grace is an offshoot of Swarovski the fancy crystal jewellery specialists. It’s aimed fairly and squarely at the younger end of the jewellery market with prices and content to reflect this.

So it’s cheap and cheerful little sister to Swarovski?

Cheerful yes, but definitely not cheap. The Lola and Grace brand retains its premium feel, but with a more accessible personality.

So basically they’re not stuck-up?

Yep, the brand’s content is bursting with character and has a very friendly, almost homemade feel to it. The tone of the brand’s blog is cheery and informal, the features, like a recent interview with true sandwich artist Spasia Dinkovski (pictured), are written in a really conversational style. It makes you feel part of a community, rather than excluded like a kid outside a candy shop looking in. The inclusivity is continued on Instagram, where the brand invites fans to “instagram your look using #makethemoment and become part of the community”.

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 13.40.11

Finally, a hip online community that will let me be mates with them!

There are limits you know… Aside from its generally welcoming demeanour, Lola and Grace also demonstrates a keen commitment to editorial processes, like having regular features in its content mix – something keen readers will know is essential to building an audience. The Spasia interview is just one of a series called ‘Who’s that girl’, which sees the brand’s editorial team speak to young women working in the creative industries. Other strands include ‘style icon’, ‘lolaandgrace loves’, ‘rising stars’ and ‘how to’.

It’s almost too many to choose from. How do I keep track?

Well the brand’s not shy about social either with accounts on all the big platforms. Just check out the ways it suggests you keep connected here.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 18.22.57

Spotify! That’s one you don’t see on every content brand’s site.

Sadly you’re right. We think the easily-embedded player widget created by Spotify is a largely untapped resource for brands wanting to be a larger part of their consumers’ lives. In L&G’s case it appears in the sidebar of the brand blog, to add some audio accompaniment to its content.

You can’t beat a bit of Joni Mitchell.

Indeed you cannot. What you also can’t beat is the clarity and consistency of the Lola and Grace content mission – the brand produces content that is youthful, fun and engaging, targeted at young women with a passion for style and fashion in an always on way.

Clearer than a 10-carat crystal!

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