Content brand of the week: Land Rover, the adventurous auto brand driving engagement with content

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 16.10.51

Has that Chelsea tractor got lost? Looks pretty far off course for the morning school-run.

Believe it or not, before Land Rover made ludicrously large vehicles for middle-class families to ship their kids to school in it used to specialise in rugged, go-anywhere adventure-mobiles.

What like these?

No, not quite that outlandish, but Land Rover is definitely trying to reclaim some of its adventurous personality with its new #Hibernot content project.

Yeah, I’ve seen the TV ads. And the billboard ads. And the magazine ads.

I take your point. There has been a lot of noise about #hibernot through traditional channels, but what’s interesting is where those adverts take you.

…on an off-road adventure through the Amazon basin?

No, better. They all direct you, via the #hibernot hashtag, to the brand’s shiny new content hub. It’s a tiled, magazine-style mini-site devoted to brand and user-generated images and stories that promote family adventures, in spite of the miserable British winter weather. The fact that much adspace has been devoted to directing consumers here is a telling reflection of the way content is quickly becoming the cornerstone of brands’ marketing strategy, rather than an expensive ‘luxury’ ingredient sprinkled in the mix as an afterthought.

User-generated is easy enough to do though isn’t it? Just whip a few pics off Instagram and repost some old hashtagged tweets?

That’s certainly one way to do it, and one of the big selling points of user-generated content is that it takes less resource – however, there are different ways to approach it. One of the most original ideas on the Land Rover site is the Hibernot Trails app, which works with Google Maps to plot different adventurous days out around the UK. Most of the trails have been uploaded by the brand’s different dealerships, but users are also able to suggest their own.

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 13.18.14

So the Epsom dealership uploads quaint afternoon excursions in Surrey…

…and the Bacup branch posts rough ‘n’ ready trails in Lancashire. It’s a clever way of bringing a national campaign back to a local level, with consumers able to identify content that’s actually relevant to them and comes from their local dealership.

And is it working?

We don’t know if it’s driven any sales as yet, but the campaign has been praised as a big success on marketing sites like E-consultancy for the way it blends social and digital with more traditional channels.

It certainly revs my engine!

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