Monday Funday: a Sochi snowsports special

Unfortunately this winter has been one big wading wonderland (in the UK at least), but rather than let that dampen our spirits we thought we’d take a look at some frosty fun and see what brands have been doing to entertain us during the Sochi Winter Olympic Games.


Now if you tried to say you’d missed the big brew-ha over gay rights in Russia we’d have to say you’re Putin it on. Loads of brands have come out in support of the gay community, with companies such as Google, Channel 4 and The Guardian flying the rainbow flag in one way or another. One brand took it a little further by creating its own #notforgays campaign ­– everybody’s favourite beer with attitude, BrewDog, sent a case of its new brew ‘Hello my name is Valdimir’ to the local Russian embassy. The brand’s founder even went as far as posing as the man himself.



Canadians rocking the bob

Although not strictly a brand, The Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion put together this short film as its own dig at the Russian anti-gay laws.

Funny fashion

While gay rights has dominated a lot of press coverage and offered brands a lot of opportunities to crack wise, SB Nation, an online sports coverage brand, has done a really good job at mixing stats and results with a pretty amusing tone on its Twitter account (@SBNolympics). The Norwegian curling team is renowned for their crazy pants but the SBN daily feature, ‘The Norwegian curling team pants tracker’ is a particularly good take on it.

2 1 3 4

The fashion commentary hasn’t stopped at curling– check out these beauties:

5 6 7

From the ha-ha-harchives

To round off today’s mix of content, here’s an amusing little ad from 2009 by oil and gas company Statoil:

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