Monday Funday: RayBan, Denny’s and classic Nike

Monday Funday is our weekly roundup of humourous marketing content, designed to give you a little pick-me-up so you’re ready to face the week ahead. Prepare to be edu-tained.

Koechner and co. create comedic conversations. Classic!

David Koechner (AKA Champ Kind from Anchorman) has an impressive acting CV that covers pretty much every screwball American comedy movie from the past ten years – so it makes sense that he’d have an extensive list of famous friends too, right? In a web series for Denny’s, Koechner and a string of celebrity pals meet in one of the diner/restaurant chain’s locations to share some food and pose increasingly odd questions and scenarios to one another. Stars to take part have included Jason Bateman, Christina Applegate and Kristen Bell. The series was aimed at increasing brand recognition among young ‘millennials’ as a cool place to hang out, moving away from Denny’s image as just a family restaurant. To this end the videos were uploaded to comic video powerhouse College Humor and promoted through the brand’s social media channels. Here’s Sarah Silverman showing off her inimitable creepy-but-cute comedy stylings.

You’re so Ronny and you don’t even know it

‘The Ronny Show’ was a short-lived series of videos produced by sunglasses brand Ray-Ban. Taking off the gimmicky nature of investment and finance shows like ‘Mad Money‘ in the US, these videos played up the presenter’s obsession with gold (the colour of Ray Ban’s new range of shades). While a few of the jokes are well-observed, we’d say most of these vids miss the mark and the basic ‘gold’ references (to a specific Ray-Ban product) aren’t rooted enough in the brand’s ‘Never Hide’, adventurous promise to really shine through. See for yourself.

From the ha-ha-harchives

In the research for last week’s content brand of the week (on sneaker store Crooked Tongues) we came across this vintage vid from Nike. Pastiching the  style of electoral campaign adverts, this video sees ’90s baseball slugger Ken Griffey Junior running for president on a single policy, ‘say yes to pepper’. Whatever that is. Extra bonus points if you recognise/remember any of the other stars in the film.

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