Content brand of the week: Waitrose, the supermarket with a well-stocked content cupboard

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Weight rows? Is this some ghastly new gym craze like Zumba or Cross Fit?

Fortunately for you (and your extra Christmas pounds) Waitrose has nothing to do with exercise. Although if you were to start eating healthier you might come across the brand…

Ahhh, it’s that supermarket for yummy mummies isn’t it?

Correct. Waitrose is a slightly pricier supermarket that caters to the British middle classes. And by golly does the brand know what its audience wants.

Hummus and quinoa?

Well, yes. But also gardening tips and recipe inspiration.


Waitrose has a neatly organised section of its site dedicated to recipe tips where users can search through the huge repository of culinary cue sheets based on a range of criteria; whether you only want recipes created by a particular celebrity chef or you want to cook a specific ingredient for dinner, Waitrose has made it possible.

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It’s all well and good having recipes from Heston Blumenthal, but what about those of us who are more familiar with the tin-opener than the filleting knife?

Waitrose has got you covered there too – there’s a whole bunch of easy step-by-step guides on the Waitrose site, including instructions on how to ‘prepare a pomegranate’ or ‘make a granita’. Whatever a granita is…

Brilliant, so the Morroccan tagine is on the stove and I’ve got about an hour to spend in the garden before the kids get home. How’s Waitrose going to help me here?

Well Waitrose doesn’t give over a section of its main site to horticultural pursuits like it does with recipes, but the brand does have a standalone site, where visitors can buy their begonias. The site has a neat plant finder widget, a useful little tool that is designed to help users find the perfect plant for that troublesome shady corner of the garden. And to cap it all, the supermarket has enlisted the services of Alan Titchmarsh to dispense advice.

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 11.57.51

Amazing, it’s like having the Ground Force team visit your house whenever you want. Clearly, Waitrose has really embraced digital content with gusto.

Definitely true, but Waitrose also offers up content for its offline consumer. Waitrose Weekend magazine is printed each week and distributed in store. The mag covers most of the topics we’ve mentioned above but also casts an eye towards the weekends major happenings; sport, social events. In Waitrose’s own words the mag is “filled with news stories, life-style features, wine recommendations, recipes for easy midweek meals and weekend entertaining”.

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 11.57.32

Crikey, I’m stuffed!

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