Content brand of the week: Levi’s Made & Crafted, the denim brand that can spin a yarn


Levi’s? I’ve got a pair of them!

That’s not surprising actually, especially given Levi’s is the biggest, oldest and most-recognised denim-maker in the world.

Well, when you put it like that I don’t feel so special… So what’s all this Made & Crafted stuff about?

Made & Crafted is a sub-brand belonging to Levi’s. What makes it different from Levi’s-proper is its forward-thinking philosophy and aesthetic, as well as a big emphasis on quality craftsmanship (which admittedly also exists in the Levi’s brand). The focus is more on pushing the boundaries and creating “tomorrow’s classics”, rather than the iconic 501s so inherent to the Levi’s brand.

Interesting, so how does M&C set itself apart from its parent brand?

M&C is fantastic at collaboration. Its partnership with New York surf mag ‘Wax’ to put together its SS14 lookbook saw the creation of rich editorial content, interwoven with beautiful product imagery. For those who can’t lay their hands on a printed copy, all the content now lives on a custom-made Tumblr account too.

From the Made & Crafted / WAX Lookbook. Image by Jeremy Liebman.
From the Made & Crafted / WAX Lookbook. Image by Jeremy Liebman.

Very clever, Tumblr bogs are like catnip for hipsters.

Too true. The brand publicised another artsy collaboration project in much the same way last year. The Moment to Moment project saw the denim brand partner up with arts publication ‘The Thing Quarterly’ to create a series of experiential artworks in cities around the world. Each of the individual projects is grouped together in a visually-led and editorially rich blog called, the URL reinforcing the core promise of the Made & Crafted brand.

Artfully done.

Artful is one word for it. This line is pretty typical of the brand tone of voice, “The idea in all of this was to create a subtle moment where subway riders might be pulled out of the liminal space (if only for a moment) and consider the details around them.”

Gosh, who knew jeans could be so highbrow!

Highbrow and even slightly stuffy it may be, but there’s no denying that the site is an absolute treasure trove of beautiful and unique content, lovingly curated by people who know their stuff. It’s the kind of meaningful brand storytelling that will resonate with an audience crying out for quality in a sea of branded blandness.

Sounds like M&C has storytelling in its jeans!

Where next?

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