Content brand of the week: Art in the Age, the artisanal content brand

Art-in-the-AgeLogo“Art in the age”, what’s this one all about then?

Do you remember last time you got all excited when you thought we’d be talking about noted philosophers Herbert Spencer and Karl Marx?

Yup, turned out to be a department store. Bit disappointing.

Yes, well in that spirit I’ve dug up a content brand that is actually named after a famous Marxist essay, Walter Benjamin’s ‘The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction’. The brand simply goes by ‘Art in the age’.

Marxist you say? Bet it makes free-range hummus or organic quinoa.


Electric cars made out of hemp and recycled fridges?


Kaftans made of pro-biotic yoghurt?

Nu-uh. Art in the Age makes booze. Artisanally-produced booze that challenges traditional conceptions of what a ‘spirit’ should be, to be precise. Here’s a fun and friendly introduction to one of the brand’s signature spirits.

It also has a clothing and accessories line and offers products from other suppliers that fit with its overall brand persona.

And what persona is that?

The brand is all about home-made, hand-crafted Americana – with a big appeal to the younger urban hipster crowd who want products that stand out in an age of mass-produced and homogenous consumer products.

Hence the brand’s name!

Indeed. Not only does the brand have an interesting and innovative product – it also has the content to back that up, marrying a nostalgic brand ethos with a forward-thinking approach to marketing and promotion. Over the festive period we loved the brand’s 12 Cocktails of Christmas content strand on Facebook, really making the most of the opportunity to create sumptuous-looking and timely visual assets at relatively low-cost.

Christmas content, not exactly hard to spot that one coming is it?

Not impressed by that? Then what about the more recent flurry of wintery weather content sparked by the huge polar vortex that blanketed a sizable chunk of the eastern United States (where the brand is based) at the start of the year? Art in the Age jumped on the huge coverage and social chatter by dressing up its models in mittens and taking to the streets of Philadelphia to snap their product in-situ near some of the city’s iconic (and snow-covered) landmarks. It’s newsjacking done right!

Alright, alright, the brand’s good at Facebook, I get it. What else?

The brand has a blog, which it uses to keep its fans up to date with all the latest developments in its product line, as well as recipes, for both cocktails and tasty treats, which use Art in the Age spirits to put innovative twists on classic American recipes. It’s all about getting back to a hand-crafted way of life, appealing to its audience’s sense of nostalgia and yearning for times gone-by.


So far it sounds very brand focused, where do the sales fit in?

While nobody could ever accuse Art in the Age of giving its audience the hard sell there are a few instances of more commercially-minded content on the blog. This post for instance pulls together the staff’s picks into a Christmas wishlist, with a line of text from the employee on why they chose that particular piece of gear. Most of the items click through to the ecommerce platform, giving online readers the chance to buy in to the Art in the Age lifestyle. Truly, they’re doing content in the right spirit.

I’ll drink to that!

Where next?

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