Happy workbirthday Nick!

After a year of working with Speak Media we caught up with account executive Nick to find out how he has found the last 12 months, what he’s learned in that time, and where he’d like 2014 to take him.

Speak: So Nick, it’s been a whole year since you started working at Speak, happy workbirthday! We hope every day with us is a great one, but have there been any special highlights?

Nick: Thank you! Highlights have to include the excitement surrounding the office upgrade, last Christmas’ memorable secret Santa, meeting lots of new clients, and the summer barge trip in the countryside.

Cap'n Nick
Cap’n Nick

SM: And what about lessons, any new things you’ve learned? Drop some wisdom on us!

N: I’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning more about content marketing, a fairly new concept to me when I joined. I’ve also learnt a huge amount about the importance of a solid brief.

SM: Everyone on team Speak likes a bit of table football now and then. Have you had any particularly memorable matches?

N: I had an epic 10-8 tournament victory over Paul (that’s 10 games to 8, not goals), in total the championship lasted more than 8 months. I was fairly relieved to win that one having been 9-5 up at one point.

SM: Looking to the future, what big things (work-based or otherwise) do you have in the pipeline for 2014?

N: I’m looking forward to working with existing and prospective clients on their approach to content marketing, and deploying its values on a variety of successful projects. From a personal point of view – I’m also looking forward to completing an ultra-marathon and a triathlon by the end of 2014.

SM: Finally Nick, please could you tell us something we don’t know about you (bearing in mind we’ve known you for a full year)?

N: When in coastal regions, I like to catch my own dinner using a spear(gun). I’m also an avid photographer, surfer, and outdoor enthusiast.

SM: Awesome, thanks Nick!

Nick hanging ten on the tube

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Author: Tom Owen

A strategic storyteller and compelling content creator, awash with acuity and adept at alliteration. I work for Speak Media. www.speakmedia.co.uk

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