Monday Funday: Dinky digi-dogs and satellite-guided comedy

Stand-up style improv

If ever a social marketing campaign had “Monday Funday” written all over it, it’s the recent #quickerjourneys from TomTom, the satnav brand.

Combining social interaction (the brand asked followers for ‘awkward moment’ scenarios featuring motorists-in-a-hurry) with real-time, improvised comedy (sketches played out by the Comedy Store Players), the campaign resulted in a series of eight short videos which were broadcast on TomTom’s official YouTube channel.

The results, as you’d expect, are mixed – reflected in the widely varying number of views for each skit – from 16,000 for ‘Old ladies going to a Kiss concert’ to 333 views for ‘husband and wife sharing a cab to divorce court’. But top marks to TomTom for doing something different with ‘the first improve comedy show on wheels’.

Ad gaffes through the ages…

Nothing raises a smile quicker round these parts than howlers from the world of advertising. This article collects 10 of the best instances where a successful ad slogan has got a little bit lost in translation. Our favourite? The first time Coca Cola hit Chinese shores its phonetic pronunciation was interpreted as ‘Female horse stuffed with wax’.

From the ha-ha-harchives

Dogs and monkeys doing human stuff pretty much guarantee a cutely funny TV ad. None more so than the Andrex ‘It’s the Little Things’ campaign – 46 seconds of pure puppy pleasure and an insanely catchy song. Strangely, Andrex don’t feature the original 2010 ad on their official YouTube channel and are therefore missing out on the 100,000+ views that user ‘JohnnysAmusements’ has attracted … they must be barking. Here’s the vid. Woof.


Author: George Wright Theohari

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