Content brand of the week: Private White, the fashion brand with regimental roots

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 12.26.45Private White? Sounds like a soldier!


Hang on, did I just get one right?

Let’s say half right. Private White is a Men’s fashion label with stores in Manchester and London, but the brand’s name name comes from the company founder, one Private Jack White V.C., described by the brand as ‘a true English gentleman and military hero’.

So this is tailoring for the traditional and refined gent?

While the brand definitely draws on its heritage for that feeling of authenticity the product is more Shoreditch High Street, less Savile Row. Trendy waistcoats, button down oxford shirts and, believe it or not, denim aprons.

Finally! Something to match my denim chef’s hat!

Wait until you see the denim wok I’ve bought you for Christmas… Apart from the occasional odd accessory what really makes Private White stand out is its content mix. The Journal section of the Private White homepage is a great example of brand fashion blogging. The mix of articles covers behind-the-scenes, history and heritage of the brand and current fashion/style. There’s also a ribald account of the lead designer’s trip to spectate at the Tour de France.

We do love a bit of cycling bloggage!

What we also really like, and haven’t seen before from a brand like Private White, is the use of Google Maps’ new personalised street view to give an online peek into life at the brand’s Manchester factory. You can check out the grabs below or follow this link to take a full nosey around the place.

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 14.28.34

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 14.34.37

Look at them all beavering away with military precision, I feel like I’m actually there!

Exactly, that’s what’s great about this feature – it brings home the ‘Made in Manchester’ brand promise so prominently displayed on the Private White masthead. It’s also a reminder for other brands that there are always new ways to communicate with your consumer.

Sounds like Private White is in line for a promotion.

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