Content brand of the week: Domino’s, the fast-food brand with a tasty content offer

domino's content hubI used to play dominoes with my granddad. Good times.

Do you realise we have now done 25 of these things and you still haven’t realised we’re always talking about a brand, not some random celebrity or pastime?

There’s a brand for playing dominoes? Where do I sign up?

Domino’s pizza, not dominoes the game.


Domino’s launched its new content hub this week in a move aiming to bring “fresh and interesting content to [the brand’s] audience”. As a content marketing agency this kind of ambition is music to our ears.

And what format is this taking?

The content will become part of the main Domino’s UK website and live at

I’ve just looked at a few article titles, they all start with “ten great this…”, “ten reasons why that…”, “five ingredients in those…” – it’s all eerily familiar.

Yes, it’s just like BuzzFeed, Mashable and any of a hundred other ‘content hub’ sites that rely heavily on ‘listicles’ as an easy-to-read, easy-to-share answer to the 30-second attention spans of today’s average online reader. But that’s exactly what a brand like Domino’s should be doing, providing something that’s as quick to pick up and as easy to digest as a medium pepperoni passion with stuffed crust.

I get it – nobody’s visiting to read an excerpt from Alain de Botton’s new book.

Exactly, you’re far more likely to find stories about gaming, football and the X Factor. As well as a bunch of handy voucher deals. Perfect bite-sized content offerings with a slightly laddish bent.

And what about Domino’s as a content brand– are there any other strings to its bow?

Certainly. In October the brand announced a partnership with Lionsgate Films to offer a free movie streaming service. Customers simply have to enter a code (which comes with your order) and then choose from a range of new releases to stream online from laptop, tablet or mobile device.

So Domino’s wants to reach beyond being the provider of pizza, and become the source for your entire Saturday night?

So it seems. Domino’s is also the only fast-food chain we know of with its own sitcom. Here’s the first episode:

The first series had 11 episodes and got more than 1 million views on YouTube. More impressively, viewers of the show were 15% more likely to buy from Domino’s.

I’m surprised more brands aren’t after a ‘pizza’ the action!

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