Illustrate to communicate – using visual techniques to inform the Parkinson’s community

The European Parkinson’s Disease Association is the only European Parkinson’s disease umbrella organisation. It represents 45 member organisations and advocates for the rights and needs of more than 1.2 million people with Parkinson’s and their families.

The EPDA approached Speak Media to develop three publications aimed at showcasing the expertise of a number of Parkinson’s researchers, scientists, healthcare professionals, patients and patient organisations within the European Union.


Working alongside the EPDA communications team, our designers and illustrators focused on creating a distinct visual identity for the suite of features.


It felt fitting to utilise illustration for this project, as we wanted to communicate the features’ key messages in a distinct and unique way. The illustrations (pictured) are by Jeffrey Bowman and his style – which uses textures and bold colour to bring the Parkinson’s research and expertise to life – will be applied across all three pieces to create a unified look and feel for the series.

The REPLACES article is the first of the three feature publications, so keep your eye out for the remaining two features, set to be uploaded to the EPDA’s website soon.

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Author: Nick van Buuren

Account Executive at Speak Media

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