Content brands of 2013: our five faves (what are yours?)

Red Bull, masters of owning their story
Red Bull, masters of owning their story

As we prepare to say goodbye to 2013 – which as we  predicted turned out to be a big year for content – here’s a quick reminder about some of the top content-lovin‘ companies we’ve featured in our popular ‘Content Brand of the Week’ slot.

Have a quick scan and click through to remind yourself what all the fuss was about – they’re all great, in different ways, at producing content. What unites these brands is the way they go above and beyond the call of content duty with a sustained, multi-channel approach to storytelling. (Something we’re gearing up to celebrate next week at the International Content Marketing Awards, where we’re pleased to be among the creative content agencies shortlisted as industry leaders.)

Let us know your favourite from the list below – or if there’s a content brand you’d like to see featured, please leave a comment and we’ll make it a top priority to investigate and report back in 2014. In the meantime, check back here in the coming weeks for the last few Content Brand of the Week features – with a certain music retailer up very soon…

1. Red Bull, the brand that elevates, stimulates and Imaginates

2. New Look, the fast fashion brand that’s so hot right now

3. Rapha, the luxelycra brand that ‘roules’ the publishing roost

4. giffgaff, the mobile network that’s far from brain-dead

5. Lego, the blockbusting brick brand that’s building up its content castle

Author: George Wright Theohari

Branding | Content | Design. We develop and deliver beautifully effective communications across print, digital and film.

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