Celebrating 5 more years of Ride London-Surrey: here’s the event in numbers

Followers of this blog will know that the Speak crew are committed cyclists, and one of the highlights of our ‘season’ was the Ride London-Surrey Sportive (our unofficial breakdown of rider placings is one of our most popular posts).

So, with the news just in of a ‘secret’ deal to hold Ride London-Surrey for the next five years (hot on the heels of the announcement that the inaugural 2013 event raised a pretty decent £3.5 million for charity), we decided to celebrate by challenging our designer, Jo, to come up with an instant infographic summarising the 2013 event.

Sounds simple enough? Sure – except we told Jo to go ‘analogue’ and put the visual together using only the spare parts she could beg, steal or borrow from around the Speak studio (which often resembles a bike workshop) – plus a few friendly local bike shops (big thanks to Spitalfields Cycle Surgery, Brick Lane Bikes and Swift Cycles).

The final result is below – along with a video of the making. Not bad for a day’s work. Nice one Jo – now all we’ve got to do is convince her to join Speak CC for the 100 miles of Ride London-Surrey 2014 (assuming we get a place, that is…). Still, at least we’ve got most of the parts we’d need to build her a bike. Now, where did we put that monkey wrench?


Here's the 'making of': 

Author: George Wright Theohari

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