Content brand of the week: Timberland, the footwear brand that’s taking a stand

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 16.31.42Finally, someone I’ve heard of! I’ve got all his albums.

Whose albums? Timberland is a fashion and footwear brand that specialises in eco-friendly work boot styles.

So this doesn’t have anything to do with Timbaland, the R ‘n’ B producer who worked on Nelly Furtado’s last album?

Fraid not. Timberland is a brand that’s embraced the importance of content though – that should be music to your ears right?

It absolutely is. What’s Timberland bringing to the table then?

Timberland is very good at social, especially keeping up with the latest trends in consumer activity. The brand has keenly embraced Pinterest, the latest ‘must-use’ social network for anyone involved in ecommerce by creating a range of boards that blend commercial product promotion, behind the scenes tidbits and crowd-sourced/seasonal content. Earlier this year Timberland also launched a new blog hosted on Tumblr, the current platform of choice for hip, young blogging types.

Is it called Tumblrland? Because if it isn’t it probably should be.

Sadly the brand missed that opportunity, it’s called Untied, and it offers readers ‘A Timberland Take on Everyday Style’. Untied sits alongside the brand’s more traditional ‘Bootmaker’s Blog’ as a more accessible, youthful publishing platform. Where Untied gives style insights about life in New York, the Bootmaker’s Blog communicates more about Timberland as a brand, it’s ethical and environmental policies, and its corporate responsibility programmes.

They need a whole blog for that?

Well unlike many fashion and lifestyle brands that take a position on ‘issues’ in a perfunctory way, Timberland has brought corporate responsibility in from the cold. Being good to mother earth is a core part of Timberland’s philosophy and the Bootmaker’s Blog expresses this, supported by a host of other content housed in the Community section of Check out this cute animation video explaining the Timberland Sustainable Agriculture Program.

That makes a refreshing change from the usual single-page corporate boilerplate!

True, but it’s not all airy fairy earth lovin’, Timberland is very good at selling too. The brand has mastered shoppable content, producing great lookbooks and photo galleries, all live-linked to ecommerce product pages. The homepage of the brand’s main ecommerce site manages to brilliantly balance the aims of an online business with an easy-to-use ‘magazine’ feel and layout.

Not to mention the content looks boot-iful!

Borrowing jokes from Bernard Matthews now are we?


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Author: Tom Owen

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