Monday Funday: Oscar-winning actors, hilarious hydrangeas and a vintage family feud

Monday Funday is our weekly roundup of humourous marketing content, designed to give you a little pick-me-up so you’re ready to face the week ahead. Prepare to be edutained!

Laughter is the best therapy

This charming, glossy short was financed by Prada and sees Oscar winning British thesps Helena Bonham Carter and Ben Kingsley hamming it up as a wealthy spinster and her disinterested therapist.  ‘A Therapy’ was directed by Roman Polanski and features his trademark rich colourful hues and classic ‘60s vibe with a quirky payoff.

Marzipan Monday is NEXT week!

We’re always on the hunt for a funny brand twitterings so when we got the tip-off about Arena Flowers we hightailed it over to their account on the double. What did we find? This absolutely amazing bizzarrist tweet right at the top of the feed.

Then imagine our joy as we read down and the tweets got weirder…

And weirder…

By this point we’ve totally forgotten what Arena Flowers sells.

Still, when Arena Flowers do occasionally send a sales tweet, we imagine their 18,000 well-engaged followers probably buy a few more begonias than the same number of followers on a boring brand account.


This little gem from 2002 is another one with a major director’s name attached, this time it’s Wes Anderson who brought his trademark quirkiness to an advert for Ikea. The family are seemingly so at home in the Swedish store’s furniture showroom that they proceed to have a full-blown family row.

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