Content brand of the week: an All Soul’s special with Jamie Oliver, Lego and giffgaff

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Right then, whose brand name are we poking fun at this week?

None, actually. As it was Halloween yesterday we thought it might be fun to see how some of our past content brands of the week have approached this singularly spooky celebration.

So it’s a seasonal piece of content, about seasonal pieces of content? How very ‘meta’.

Yes. And I want you to give each brand a score out of five based on their spooky content offer. First up is Jamie Oliver.

Jamie Oliver

And what has the nation’s favourite mockney cook been up to?

Actually too much to cover in a small snapshot, but we’ve picked out a few of our favourites. Jamie continues to build his empire based on consumer insight, the experiences people associate with Halloween are reflected in the content he publishes. It resonates, it’s relevant and there’s lots of it.

Go on, I’ll bite. Any examples?

Now you mention it, here’s a YouTube pumpkin carving video (with handy subtitles for his international audience).

And what about Jamie’s well-known philanthropical side?

His ‘man of the people’ vibe is definitely an important facet of the Jamie Oliver brand. It’s a valuable asset when gaining and retaining brand advocacy, and Halloween is no different. This year in aid of the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation customers can buy a special ‘Boorito’ from select collaborators for £2, simply by dressing up – raising the spirits and improving the eating habits of joe public in the process.

Hauntingly good stuff.

From countless Halloween recipes, to walk-through guides on pumpkin carving, the scale, relevancy and consistency of Jamie Oliver’s digital presence is remarkable!

Some could call it terror-frying – he’s really showing that great content is a ghoul’s best friend. I’ll give Jamie a 5 out of 5 for spookiness.

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 15.59.14


If the Halloween content didn’t make us shudder those last three puns certainly did. Let’s move onto giffgaff. I’ll give you one guess what the main focus of the mobile network’s Halloween-themed campaign was.

Fluffy kittens?

Nope, it’s all about blood and guts. Staying true to their past efforts, the marketing bods at giffgaff have created a heap of gory content based on the idea that it takes ‘guts’ to be different.

I get it. They’re cleverly playing on the dual meaning of guts, which can mean both courage and entrails.

Yes, although in this case it mainly means entrails. The 2-minute video is something of a grisly gorefest that’s sure to ruffle a few feathers, seeing as it mainly features scantily-clad young people slinging fake intestines at one another in what looks to be a disused swimming pool.


Gross yes, but the video has garnered 300,000 views and was picked up on Twitter by Vice Magazine – usually a good barometer of whether something is hip or not.

Impressive. I’ll give giffgaff a spook score of three, I like the angle, but this feels like more of a PR stunt or an ad than branded content that gives a huge amount of value.

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 15.55.55


And last but not least let’s take a look at everyone’s favourite Danish building block brand.

You mean ‘Nielsen’s Funtime Construction Modules’? Awesome!

I was talking about Lego actually, but I’ll have to check Nielsen’s out too. As you’d expect from a beloved kids brand, Lego has made a special effort for Halloween, inviting kids (and adults) around the globe to ‘Brick Your Pumpkin’.

Brick my pumpkin, is that some sort of obscure hip slang?

It’s a simple enough concept. Lego fans submit pics where they’ve used Lego bricks to either build or jazz up a pumpkin.

Sounds like fun!

Absolutely, there have been thousands of entries with the best ones chosen and displayed on the Lego homepage. It’s engaging, fun and shows off the versatility of Lego as a product.

And it’s crowdsourced so it’s a total bargain!


I’ll give Lego a spook score of four out of five – I’m bricking it!

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Author: Nick van Buuren

Account Executive at Speak Media

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