Monday Funday: Prank negation, cycling aggravation and buddy salutations

Monday Funday is our weekly roundup of humourous marketing content, designed to give you a little pick-me-up so you’re ready to face the week ahead. Prepare to be edutained!

Toying with your consumer

Creating something funny can be as simple as subverting people’s expectations. WeBuyAnyCar is probably best known for its infuriating TV advert and jingle – but managed to ‘one-up’ a stunt by an online joker and come out looking funnier than the person playing the original prank.

Jamie Jones, who started the prank, mocked up a fake reply to a non-existent complaint letter he had sent to the company. You can see the letter here. Amazingly, not only did WeBuyAnyCar acknowledge the prank by issuing a statement, it also created a whole new PR initiative off the back of Jamie’s letter, launching a site that offers to ‘buy’ the first 100 Little Tikes cars brought into their six biggest branches.

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 10.41.06

Visit the micro-site here.

Retired pro-cyclist kicks off about merino wool, only cycling fans ‘get it’

Here’s a video from Vulpine CC, a cycling brand with a nice line in fancy woollen jerseys. Nick Hussey (cameraman and public face of Vulpine) is interviewing former pro cyclist Kenny van Vlaminck. The interview starts well enough, but then somebody gets ‘Kenny’s’ coffee order wrong and things go quickly downhill.

(Top marks to Tour of Britain commentator Matt Stephens for his uncanny portrayal of a raging Dutchman, so convincing some us in the Speak studio thought Kenny van Vlaminck was a real former pro)

From the ha-ha-harchives

One… two… three… Whazzzaaaaaaaaaaahh!

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