Monday Funday: Taking a bite out of Apple

Monday Funday is our weekly round-up of the great, and not-so-great, in funny branded content. We’ve got three picks for you this week which will hopefully raise a smile and get you through the Monday blues.

Taking a bite out of Apple

When you’re a global super-brand, people are going to want to take the Mickey a bit, as demonstrated by KitKat’s latest ad (see below). What surprised us is the sheer number of brands willing to have a pop at Apple – a brand that is fanatically loved by a great many people. Here’s some weird and wonderful examples that brought a smile to our faces.

Exhibit 1: The new Android/KitKat collab, brilliantly pastiching the Apple promo video style.

Exhibit 2: Truly inspired Somersby ad, we love the ‘that’s docked’ line the best.

Exhibit 3: A very odd one from Iceland.

Credible comedy cash-ins

Stand-up comedians can be precious about their art, especially when brands try to muscle their way in on the act. Comics will often play down the amount of corporate work they do for fear of being slated for ‘selling out’. Legendary stand-up George Carlin was accused of this most heinous of crimes when he made an advert for MCI, a telecoms company he had previously slated in his routines – check out the cringey vid here. With these cash-ins harder to pull off in a credible way brands have had to find a more hands-off means of getting their name associated with live comedy, such as sponsorship of shows, awards and venues. Taking this a step further Magners films its events and uses them as a source of exclusive video content for its YouTube channel. Here’s the sublimely surreal Scot David Kay, talking about his pyjamatroosers‘.

From the ha-ha-ha-archives

Another gem in the same vein as Terry Tate: Office Linebacker, this K-Swiss film is the first in a series starring comedy megastar Danny McBride (Pineapple Express, Superbad, Tropic Thunder) as Kenny Powers, the new CEO of the sportswear and sneaker brand. Be warned, there is a lot of profanity packed into the next five minutes.

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